Once upon a time in a far away land, where dogs meowed and cats barked,  there was a drop of rain. And this drp of rain was very special. ——because—– It brought forth a girl, a girl of beauty and a girl of  hope. And, of which, her name was Amyphorus. She sometimes brought sadness, sometimes delight. She also had a very attractive and caring heart. Juventaas, a great and nobel knight, grew very fond of Amyphorus, as well as she. They found there hearts and their hearts touched, and a year later they got married. Amyphorus was very pure and always brought mourning peole happiness. She would see a family hurting, and she would confront them and bring them hope for a better life. Juventaas also had a daughter, of which her name was Athena, who was named after her mother, the greek god of wisdom and warfare. Athena began to have thought and love for her mother, for from the begining, she had nothing to make her mother proud. They grew to be a pure and loving family. But one day….

“Mother Amyphorus,” said Athena, “I feel troubled, and I must speak with you. I want to explore the outside world from this towering forest of Camerion. I need to get out, move on in life. I need to start another life, just as you did with Juvantaas. I must go, now.”

“Athena,” said Amyphorus, “I know how you feel, because I once felt the same way the moment I met your father, so yes, you may start your life over, start a family, and go.”

With that, Athena left to travel on to another world, as she thought she was leaving her world, and discovered new creatures, and things she has never even seen. She found a love as well as her mother did, Geraldine, and they visited her mother’s old home, but then realized that since she had left her mother, the moment she left, her mother and father’s souls were taken to the underworld, because they lost all love and their hearts grew black as coal.

Athena never loved again

Cheerleading Tryouts…. :)

Cheerleading tryouts were pressuring me so much! oh My gosh!  Jackie and I were number 21 and 22, so we had to wait two hours till we could go (nearly). I did pretty good except for my roundoff. Those of you out there who have seen me do my roundoffs know that I can do it. But I just didn’t do as good as USUAL at the tryouts. 🙂


Milkweed is the class book that we are reading in English class. It has a very interesting perspective of life. It sometimes makes no sense watsoever to me, but there are nearly 45 chapters, and im on chapter 22. 🙂 It is quite hard to stop reading after every short different and adventured chapter. I think this book is pretty good. Hope you all like reading this book, too!

P.S. This was written in Ukranian

            Квітень дурнів ще пару днів! Ви знаєте, що ще не за горами? Великдень? Хто-небудь з Yall отримали ваші великодні сукні / одяг ще? Я все ще треба ходити по магазинах. Моя улюблена частина про Великдень йде полювання пасхальне яйце і отримувати цукерки та фарбування яєць і зробити їх усіх ти-ди і прохолодно. Я люблю гігантських кроликів шоколад ви бачите на мету, але кожен раз, коли я прошу його, як я ходити моя мама каже НІ перед словом листя мої губи! Зі святом Пасхи! І будьте готові до пожартував з першим квітня!


        April fools in a couple more days! You know what else is around the corner?Easter? Have any of yall gotten your easter dresses/outfits yet? I still need to shop. My favorite part about easter is going easter egg hunting and getting candy and coloring the eggs and make them all ty-dy and cool. I love the giant chocolate bunnies you see at TARGET, yet every time I crave it as I walk by my mom says NO before a word leaves my lips! Happy Easter! And be ready to be joked on APRIL FOOLS!

My Digital Footprint

When I looked up my name and I went to google images, all that showed up there was too many pics of Amelia Earheart… hahah! 🙂 I don’t have a facebook so, forget that. I went to google web and looked up “Amelia’s edublog” and sure enough, links to posts on my blog showed up. EX:    BRACES! , I GOT BRACES!  , etc. I was like woa! haha If I looked up my full name on images, a bunch of random pictures I don’t know of show up. It was funny and a bit weird.


Todey at school we had some people from the Huntsville times to Interview some really great bloggers. They came to interveiw Me, and 2 other people from my class. And then there were two others from seperate classes. They had a very good interveiw, but my mom wouldn’t let me have my picture taken. I really want to be interveiwed. I’ve always wanted to be. 🙂