P.S. This was written in Ukranian

            Квітень дурнів ще пару днів! Ви знаєте, що ще не за горами? Великдень? Хто-небудь з Yall отримали ваші великодні сукні / одяг ще? Я все ще треба ходити по магазинах. Моя улюблена частина про Великдень йде полювання пасхальне яйце і отримувати цукерки та фарбування яєць і зробити їх усіх ти-ди і прохолодно. Я люблю гігантських кроликів шоколад ви бачите на мету, але кожен раз, коли я прошу його, як я ходити моя мама каже НІ перед словом листя мої губи! Зі святом Пасхи! І будьте готові до пожартував з першим квітня!


        April fools in a couple more days! You know what else is around the corner?Easter? Have any of yall gotten your easter dresses/outfits yet? I still need to shop. My favorite part about easter is going easter egg hunting and getting candy and coloring the eggs and make them all ty-dy and cool. I love the giant chocolate bunnies you see at TARGET, yet every time I crave it as I walk by my mom says NO before a word leaves my lips! Happy Easter! And be ready to be joked on APRIL FOOLS!

3 thoughts on “P.S. This was written in Ukranian

  1. Amelia,
    Would you please tell Mrs Seeley that some students in your class should be receiving comments from a Russian teacher? She usually signs off as Mrs Ch and the comments are legitimate.

    You will notice if she writes in Russian, the characters are very similar to those in Serbian.

  2. Oops, that should have been similar to those in Ukrainian as you wrote your post. Do you know what type of characters these are? Starts with cyr…..

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